I will never be like you

December 22, 2010

You don’t see it. You are always on the verge, theres a tightness in your voice, a bother in your sigh. I can see it when you walk in a room, everyones on edge. You don’t understand, but I do. I am one of them. I am one of them watching you but they do not live with you like I do. No, they know but they do not really know. They do not know how your grip is strong and bruising, they do not know your voice is deep and grating. They do not see your mocking, but I do. They do not see your obsessing, they do not understand how oppressing , but then you, you have changed as quickly as you were the same… They see, but they do not see as I see. You are yourself until you are angry, then you become someone else. Someone others do not see, no you save this side for me and your family.  I will never be like you.


A winter birch tree.

December 3, 2010

It’s all curled up and asleep in my hand, its tiny heart beating a mile a minute. There is not a thing in the world that could capture its soft spirit: It is so tiny. The cold wind whips around me as snow flurries begin to fall; I gently kneel down and recover the nest, placing the baby mouse back inside. It is something to incredibly simple yet, complicated. I shiver to think of the task before the mother mouse. After placing the board back , i quickly cover it over with snow, taking care to check over my shoulder to see if anyone is watching. Then, brushing the clumped snow off my knitted mittens, I hurry up the icy path, away from the old barn.

There is a bang as the door blows shut behind me, sending cold air whirling around the living room. The house is filled with the glow of a winter fire and the smell of fresh-baked bread. I sit down in the faded floral upholstered chair, yanking off my boots, while the wind howls outside.



October 21, 2010

Its softness, its cool

Its compliant, yet it rules

It feels empty, yet it is the breath that fills

It  is a fire that has a frost

It is in my heart, waiting,

for yours

It has no name,


for time to tip the scales.


A little More Personal In an Impersonal world.

October 7, 2010

In the world today many things are impersonal, but more and more “impersonal” is becoming the new personal. There are recent news articles that infer that this is normal: “after all, we are in the age of technology,” (I am power quoting there.) and by the age of technology its, texting, facebooking, emailing, tweeting, even ebooking it. Technology is a force that was bringing people together through the invention of the cell phones and emailing all the ways listed above, you are never out of touch, or are you?

While tech IS making progress is it setting humanity behind?

It seems that now I walk into a class room or any hall way and people have their nose glued to a phone. I could walk by and make a ridiculous face at them and they would not notice. They have been sucked into whatever conversation they are having and are missing the now, missing seeing that person walking by them on the street. That doesn’t seem very important does it? Missing some random person on the street, but that random person could be a long lost friend or someone you may experience something special with; you will never know because your life is being lived out not in reality…but in a virtual reality. It now takes something pretty spectacular to draw someone away from the social network of  technology, but has it come to the point, or will it come to the point, when people no longer know how to have a face to face conversation?

While technology has its place, so do old traditions. You shouldn’t get sucked in to texting at every moment or searching that online dating site all the time. Go out and live you life in reality, taste it in a different way than you did yesterday. If you are looking to meet someone, do go online to a dating site: theres nothing wrong with that, but also think about how you might meet someone without that tool. Go to shows, invite friends out with you, after all, too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

A kiss through a phone such as this :*, certainly isn’t the same as in person. Somethings are just better when there for real.



October 7, 2010